Welcome to the Stockport Normandy Veterans website.

This site contains personal accounts of World War II veterans from Stockport and the surrounding area.

 In this current situation we are pleased to confirm that all our veterans and WW2 generation members remain safe and well. All have received their first and second vaccines and are keen to re-establish a social life as the situation is slowly returning to normal.

Legacy of Stockport Normandy Veterans

Over recent years we have made the commitment that we will continue to ‘last man standing’. As the march of time is taking our veterans from us (our last two surviving Normandy Veterans are frail and no longer attend meetings) we have moved into a new stage – Stockport Normandy Veterans Legacy. We are actively supported by WW2 veterans and Friend members – some who were schoolchildren during the war and some who are children of our deceased Veterans who have a close knowledge of the experiences of their fathers. This Legacy Team go into schools to talk to the children and promote an annual competition for all schools in the Stockport area. Supported by Stockport Education Advisers, it involves primary schools with a focus on Remembrance in November and an essay competition for History students at Key Stage 3. It was launched in June in 2019, to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Campaign, and has been rolled out to schools from September 2019, appropriately commemorating the start of ‘The People’s War’ 80 years ago.

For details of these competitions, access the Schools section of this website

For the entry form, please click on this link

Latest News

VJ Day 2020 Commemoration

Members of Stockport Normandy Veterans and Friends met via Zoom to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VJ Day and to reflect on the meaning of Victory for those serving in WW2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0TTUthnYko

D-Day 6th June 2020

Our members paid private tribute to the 76th Anniversary of D-Day in lock down here in the UK.

VE Day – 8th May 2020

As individual members we tried to commemorate the day. Banners and flags were flown, but it wasn’t the same as the celebrations we had been intending to have. We had schools to visit and were intending to wear WW2-style outfits – with our WW2 generation members as...