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This site contains personal accounts of World War II veterans from Stockport and the surrounding area.

Legacy of Stockport Normandy Veterans

This past year, since our last Remembrance Day service in 2017, we have sadly lost 6 World War 2 veterans. A commitment has been made that we will continue to ‘last man standing’ but this year our 7 surviving veterans (of whom 4 are still active members aged 95 – 97) want us to think about the legacy of Stockport NVA, founded in 1988. This will raise awareness for children and the general public about the events leading up to the Normandy Landings and the historical significance of WW2. This legacy (which is currently being piloted by 3 primary schools and one secondary school) will take the form of an annual competition, organised in association with primary teachers for Key Stage 2 and Humanities teachers for Key Stage 3. It will be run in Stockport schools in 2019, the 80th year of the start of World War 2 and the 75th Anniversary of the Normandy Campaign.

For details of these competitions, access the Schools section of this website

Latest News

Normandy Invasion Timeline Launched

We've added a timeline of the Normandy Invasion to the site This is our second in the series of Timelines - this one touching more specifically on the Normandy Invasion and some of our veteran's involvement Please click here to see the timeline:...

Key Facts of WW2 Timeline Launched

We've launched a new page with a timeline of key facts of WW2 Click here to see the Key Facts Timeline Page: https://stockportveterans.com/for-schools/key-facts-of-ww2-1939-1945/

Remembrance Day Service 2018

We attended the 100th Please click here to see a video of the service