World War 2 is called ‘The People’s War’ because it is a shared national story. There is a partnership between those who are living, those who are dead and those yet to be born – with every family having a personal story. Stockport Normandy Veterans Legacy aims to preserve a sense of local belonging by encouraging schools to share their commemoration of Remembrance and its link with these personal stories.

The resources shown below were delivered in a booklet to all primary schools in Stockport by the Legacy team to support schools’ work in this focus on ‘The People’s War’

  1. Facsimile of newspaper accounts
  2. Planning for pupils to learn about a significant event in world history (the Second World War) and its impact on the local community
  3. Second World War Propaganda Posters PowerPoint © IWM
  4. Photographs of WW2 Warfare © IWM and Home Front in the North West © Manchester Library 
  5. Four wartime veterans from Stockport NVA 
  6. Behind the Name: Willow Grove Cemetery Military Trail pamphlet 
  7. Photograph Resources of WW2 in Stockport Local Heritage Library located at Stockport Central Library 
  8. Resources of WW2 at Imperial War Museum 
  9. Stockport Normandy Veterans Key Stage 2 Legacy competition

Stockport Normandy Veterans Legacy has liaised with the Imperial War Museum (IWM), Manchester Library and Willow Grove Cemetery (Friends of Stockport Cemeteries). Images from IWM and Manchester Library have been reproduced with copyright permission. This material is permitted for educational use within schools and is further protected by copyright law. Schools wishing to arrange a visit to Willow Grove Cemetery should contact Secretary Sheila Robins ( for further advice.