As individual members we tried to commemorate the day. Banners and flags were flown, but it wasn’t the same as the celebrations we had been intending to have. We had schools to visit and were intending to wear WW2-style outfits – with our WW2 generation members as VIPs (in their red, white and blue outfits) and all ready to tell their stories of how and where they celebrated VE Day.  The saddest part was not being able to share food and drink. Our Royal Army Catering Corps Veteran (Wally MacKenzie) always said: “Isn’t it nice when friends sit down to eat together” when we shared meals in Normandy with our French counterparts or back home in the UK on special events. We would have laughed, shared memories and the atmosphere would have been celebration rather than commemoration. So sad to be in Lockdown.